Carlisle County Fire/Rescue
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Carlisle County Fire/Rescue

P.O. Box 605
Bardwell, Ky.

About Us.

Carlisle County Fire/Rescue protects 635 square miles and 5500 residents. We have the ability and the expertise to be an effective part of any fire,rescue or emergency scene that our county may be faced with. We function totally on a non-profit based structure and depend on the community for support. We have nineteen firefighters and of the nineteen 10 are Kentucky Certified Firefighters and have hundreds of hours of experience and training.

Newest Delivery

American La France Seven Man Enclosed Cab

This piece of apparatus has the latest in fire fighting equipment, warning devices and is capable of delivering 1,000 gallons of water and seven fully equipped firefighters to any emergency scene.

Come And Enjoy

The 6th Annual
Carlisle County Fire/Rescue
September 25th, 26th
Rodeo Begins at 7:00pm Nightly
Location: Carlisle Co. Fair Grounds In Bardwell, Ky.

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